International Preschool & Academy


Company name Incorporated company pazapa cultivation-of-aesthetic-sensitivity research institute
Representative Representative director kiyoko takahashi
Head office location Postcode107-0062
3-8-5-2F, Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
TEL:03-5426-0375 FAX:03-5426-0376
School operation division KIDS EDU International preschool & academy
8-1-B1, Honshio-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Tel:03-6457-7898 FAX:03-6457-7899
History 2003
Private teacher pazapa for small children An establishment kindergarten and elementary school taking-an-examination private teacher Dispatch start

Incorporation Systematic name change Private teacher & babysitter service for operation division expansion small children pazapa and childcare operation division A babysitter contract service start and education-related business part ? small-child intellectual training development
kindergarten and elementary school taking-an-examination private teacher dispatch
private small and the measure against the Nakauchi part entrance into a school of higher grade
The inside of high, and university entrance examination private teacher dispatch
bilingual sitter and private teacher dispatch
piano violin lecturer dispatch
– Service operation division Housekeeping vicarious execution service July,

It is to a pazapa, Inc. cultivation-of-aesthetic-sensitivity research institute about a company name in change March,

KIDS EDU International preschool & academy
It opens to Yotsuya.

Capital 15 million yen
Descriptive pamphlet 1. Babysitter’s Contract
2. Infants’ Childcare-Services
3. Child Care Service
4. Educational Guidance in Educational Guidance
5. Home Visit, and Instruction Operating
6. Home Visit by Welcome and Send-off and Homemaking Service
7. Early Childhood Education by Early-Childhood-Education
8. International Preschool
9. Kindergarten and Elementary School Taking-an-Examination Small-Child Classroom of Consultation about Various Educational Guidance
10. Education Type Care-of-Schoolchildren-after-School-Hours Institution in Small-Child English Education